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You can enhance your marketability to an employer by participating in internships, both to develop field-specific skills and to demonstrate to a potential employer that you have gained professional experience in the United States prior to your search for a full-time position. Remember that you must always meet with UT’s International Programs Office (IPO) PRIOR to doing any work off-campus, including internships.

If you are an international student and wish to gain experience off-campus, you MUST earn academic credit for your internship (paid and unpaid).

  • Before applying for internships, contact the International Programs Office (IPO) at to verify that you are eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT).
  • After obtaining credit approval for your internship, submit an online CPT request to the International Programs Office to request your I-20 with CPT authorization. Note that you cannot start the internship until you have been registered for the course and IPO has also issued you a new I-20 with CPT authorization.
  • GoinGlobal is a resource available to all UT students. It can be accessed via Handshake. GoinGlobal provides a list of companies across the US that have been known to provide sponsorship to recent graduates. Find this information under the “H1B Visa” tab at the top of the GoinGlobal landing page.