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The development of effective leaders for the 21st century requires more than new skill sets, it requires a new mindset. The TECO Energy Center for Leadership, endowed by TECO Energy Inc., strives to offer initiatives and programs that are designed to provide transformative learning experiences for individuals and organizations pursuing sustainable business and leadership excellence. 

The TECO Energy Center for Leadership is engaged in developing programs to prepare future world business leaders by offering a variety of programs to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the local community. Our breakthrough programs combine the latest training, coaching and experiential learning tools that significantly impact organizations and their leaders. The Center’s unique holistic approach integrates mind and body. Business knowledge is balanced along with development of personal health, well-being and relationships to help students and leaders generate effective professional outcomes and long term personal success. 

Our effective and unique approach to leadership development is built upon five core principles:

  1. Personalized Learning

    Creation and utilization of customized learning plans and practices to meet personal development objectives.

  2. Integrated Assessment and Development

    Best-of-class assessment tools for in-depth analysis, self-awareness and the creation of individual development plans.

  3. Coaching and Mentoring

    World-class faculty and staff include certified coaches and mentors who provide guidance and support the changes you want to make.

  4. Theory and Best Practice

    A rare combination of cutting-edge theory and practices gathered from work and study of the world's leading organizations.

  5. Experiential Learning

    Learning by doing through creation of real-world conditions via live case studies, simulations and group experiences that challenge and evoke excellence.

Areas of Focus

· Leadership Development

· Collaboration and Leading Teams

· Integrative Negotiation

· Emotional Intelligence

· Organizational Change

· Legal Issues and Human Resources

· Strategy and Innovation

· Business Communication

· Finance and Value Creation

· Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment

· And more…