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Kacy D. Tillman


Kacy D. Tillman

Meet Kacy D. Tillman

Co-Director/Honors Program; Associate Professor, English


2001 Baylor University, B.A.
2004 Baylor University, M.A.
2008 University of Mississippi, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: Composition/Academic Success Courses

GTW 101/102 Academic Success
GTW 103 Academic Success for Transfer Students
FYW 101 Composition and Rhetoric
FYW 102 Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
AWR 201 Academic Writing and Research

Honors Seminars

FYWH 102 The Digital Age
ENGH 125 Great Books: Slave Narratives
LITH 277 The F Word: American Feminism

Lecture Courses

ENG 208 Survey of American Literature to the Civil War
ENG 209 Survey of American Literature after the Civil War
ENG 240 Memoir
ENG 275 Eating Our Words: The Rhetoric of American Foodways
ENG 276 Food Fights!

Upper-Level Seminars

ENG 353 Sex and Seduction in the Early American Republic (hybrid)
ENG 355 Literature of the Early American Republic
ENG 365 Major Authors: Southern Writers
LIT 425 The Alternative American Renaissance

Travel Courses

LIT 2XX Radical Revolutionaries in Boston (TBA Spring 2016)

Career Specialties: Kacy Tillman researches loyalist women writers of the American Revolution. Her area of specialty is eighteenth century manuscript culture, specifically letter-writing. Her book, Stripped: Loyalist Women Writers of the American Revolution, is about how women used letters, journals, and letter journals to construct and distribute their own definitions of loyalty during the war. It concerns the letters of Grace Growden Galloway, Anna Rawle Clifford, Rebecca Shoemaker, Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson, Hannah Griffitts, Elizabeth Murray, Margaret Morris, Elizabeth Drinker, and Sarah Logan Fisher. Because of her interest in loyalists and patriots of the Revolution, Kacy also researches Quakers, crowd action (mobs), Committees of Confiscation and Safety, coverture, nonimportation agreements, and Test Laws.

Professional and Community Activities: Books

Stripped: Female Loyalist Writers of the American Revolution (in progress)

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals & Books

“Women Left Behind: Female loyalism, coverture, and Grace Growden Galloway’s Empire of Self” in Women and the Formation of Empire Eds. Mary Balkun and Susan Imbaratto. Forthcoming with Palgrave 2015.

“Paper Bodies: Letters and Letter-Writing in the Early American Novel.” Tulsa
Studies in Women’s Literature. Forthcoming 2015.

“What is a Female Loyalist?” Common-Place. 13.4 (2013).

“Eliza Lucas Pinckney as Cultural Broker: Reconsidering a South Carolinian Legacy.” Southern Studies. 18.2 (Fall-Winter 2011): 49-65.

“The Epistolary Salon: Examining Eighteenth-Century American Letter-Writing as a Vehicle for Female Political Engagement.” Literature of the Early American Republic. 3 (2011): 62 – 80.


Review of Letters and Cultural Transformations in the United States, 1760 – 1860. Ed. by Theresa Strouth Gaul and Sharon M. Harris. Early American Literature. 47.1 (2012): 239-242.

Electronic Publications

“Filial Piety in The History of Constantius and Pulchera.” Just Teach One Teaching Series. Common-Place. 13 June 2013.