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From internships to student achievements to recognition of The University of Tampa faculty and institution as a whole, the following is a running archive of UT press releases, called News Articles, and feature stories, noted as UT Life.

Posted February 14, 2019 in UT Life

There is a trend for the world’s critical infrastructures, such as power plants, nuclear facilities, dams and water treatment facilities, to become part of the internet of things (IoT). However, when these supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems were originally created, there was no internet and no threat of hackers, which leaves them vulnerable for malicious attackers to exploit the outdated facilities and cause serious damage.

This trend caught the attention of student research assistants, juniors and cybersecurity majors Ashley Newsome and Jenny Khanal.

“They were made without security in mind,” said Khanal, of Nepal. “Physical security yes, but they weren’t considering cyberattacks.”

Posted January 15, 2019 in UT Life

UT faculty offer their advice on a variety of topics in a Winter 2019 UT Journal article, “The UT Guide to…” Featured here are two of the six articles; find the others online in the UT Journal.

Posted March 21, 2018 in News

In a ranking of MBA programs that stressed “fact based criteria,” The University of Tampa’s Sykes College of Business was placed in the “Tier One” of worldwide programs. Additionally, UT’s Executive MBA (EMBA) program was ranked 43rd out of 85 schools in Tier One of EMBA programs.

Posted March 13, 2018 in UT Life

A couple weeks ago, Erin Hanson '21 was prepping to go to a Tampa Bay Lightning game when she received the call from the Lightning Foundation. She'd been named a Lightning Community Heroes of Tomorrow recipient, and they would present her with the $50,000 grant at the March 17 game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins.

"I'm really excited and ready for it to happen," said Hanson. "I'm ready to tackle it all."

Posted March 02, 2018 in UT Life

It's a topic that has intrigued ROTC Spartan Battalion Commander Carla Shapira '18 about leadership, whether it's on the battlefield or in the board room: emotional intelligence.

"Emotional intelligence applies to absolutely every aspect of your life. I have learned to manage my emotions better and communicate with people better, have better relationships by understanding that I do certain things certain ways and how that might be conveyed to other people," Shapira said. "You're really just understanding yourself and your emotions and using that understanding as tools for making relationships with others."

Shapira, an international business and management major, discusses the topic often in her courses in UT's leadership studies minor. So when she found out that emotional intelligence was the theme of the annual George C. Marshall Leadership Seminar at Fort Leavenworth, KS, for which she was nominated to attend, Shapira was thrilled.

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