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Gain valuable experience and become more culturally aware by completing an international internship. There are many internship programs that specialize in placing students in a company or organization that best matches their major, career interests, experience and skillsets. Many internships can be taken for credit. The International Programs Office can advise students on international internship locations offered throughout the world through our partner and affiliate programs. Learn how you can earn practical experience abroad by consulting with an Education Abroad Advisor and your faculty internship coordinator


  • Prior to any international travel, students are required to seek approval from the International Programs Office for credit and non-credit international internships.
  • Students participating in international internships should have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be in good conduct standing for University approval.
  • GPA requirements for specific internship courses are often higher than 2.5 and therefore will supersede the International Programs Office's minimum requirements. 

Participants are required to register with the International Programs Office by submitting an application, completing pre-departure instruction and enrolling in UT international health insurance. 

Students should contact the International Programs Office prior to Feb. 1 for international summer internships. International internships are not advisable in the Fall or Spring semester unless paired with an education abroad program as the maximum that can be awarded for an internship is up to 8 credit hours and students must be enrolled full-time while abroad for a semester program.

Students applying to participate in an independent internship must abide by UT application deadlines and policies set forth by the International Programs Office and the Office of Career Services and submit unreviewed internship placements in advance of the posted deadlines for approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours do I need to work at my internship to earn academic credit?
This varies a bit between departments across campus, but a good rule of thumb is about 5 hours/week = 1 credit. Refer to your faculty internship coordinator for information on academic credit for your internship specific to your major.

When do I need to work with Career Services for an international internship?
You will only work with Career Services on an international internship if your Education Abroad advisor recommends you work with them.

How do I get my internship approved for academic credit?
Most affiliate programs incorporate academic components into their international internships. Therefore, it is often possible to receive academic credit for an internship. However, you would need to check if your international internship program offers credit and check with your faculty internship coordinator on the possibility of obtaining UT course credits for an internship taken abroad. To initiate the credit approval process in the Course Approval Portal, you would need to submit the UT course number for the internship along with the academic overlay for the internship which would be provided by the affiliate program.

How does the internship process differ for international and domestic students?
Overall, the process is the same when planning an international internship.