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Scholarships, Awards and Financial Aid

Students often assume it is more expensive to study abroad than to remain on UT's campus, however many education abroad destinations offer lower tuition and cost of living. Students pay only the cost associated with their program abroad and a UT administrative fee for study abroad. Students will not pay UT tuition, fees or room and board during their time abroad. Students should visit the TDS for Study Abroad Portal in MyUTampa for a comprehensive list of scholarships available.

Students should meet with a financial aid counselor to determine how financial aid will be applied towards an education abroad program. In most cases, students can apply Federal Student Aid and State Aid to education abroad experiences. Financial Aid that typically transfers may include: the Pell Grant, EASE, FSAG, Bright Futures Scholarships, Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loans, and Parent PLUS loans. Scholarships specific to UT do not transfer towards education abroad; these include all UT merit scholarships, departmental scholarships and the UT Need Based Grant.