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The University of Tampa Diplomats have altruistically served the University campus and local community since 1983. The Diplomats are synonymous with service. Their prestigious reputation, upheld by the dynamic members, is recognized campus-wide. The members of the organization are leaders who serve as ambassadors to the University and encompass the ability to serve, lead, motivate, empower, and educate their peers. Diplomat membership consists of some of the University’s top leaders. The members are selected based on their ability to work with others, leadership, and charisma.

Diplomats facilitate Minaret Society dinners, Business Symposiums, Family Weekend and commencement events for the campus every academic year. They also organize and train the Fall Orientation Team Leaders to be a part of the first-year experience for the new incoming students. These are only a few of the organization’s contributions to the campus community.

The Diplomats were established to proudly serve the campus community. We would like to extend an invitation to you to make use of our volunteerism in events you organize for the campus or the greater Tampa Bay community. To request the Diplomats, please complete a Diplomat Request Form. Before you submit the request form, please review the University of Tampa Spartan Shield Health and Safety plan. The Diplomats will follow these parameters, including wearing a face mask when appropriate, to ensure they are able to assist you with your University function while keeping our members safe.
As the individual requesting The University of Tampa Diplomats, please ensure that the tasks you are asking for us to complete follow the practice of physical distancing at your function, guaranteeing a minimum of six feet distance between individuals. If the event function is outside and cannot guarantee that six feet of physical distancing will be provided, or if the event is inside, regardless of the physical distancing available, we ask that you confirm that all participants with whom The University of Tampa Diplomats will be interacting will have a face mask or face covering.
As you are deciding on the number of University of Tampa Diplomats to request for your event, please only request the minimum necessary number of diplomats needed to assist you. By having only the necessary number of University of Tampa Diplomats actively assisting you with your event, this will help in following the practice of physical distancing.
Should a University of Tampa Diplomat have any concerns regarding their safety and wellbeing upon arrival at the event, they will respectfully communicate their concerns to the event coordinator in hopes of finding a workable solution. If a solution is not feasible, The University of Tampa Diplomat may elect to communicate with you that they will discontinue their assistance for your event.
If you have questions about how The University of Tampa Diplomats can assist you, please email us at

Apply to Become a University of Tampa Diplomat 

The University of Tampa Diplomats are a group of leaders who serve as ambassadors to the University. They encompass the ability to serve, lead, empower and educate their peers. Diplomats volunteer their time to various events such as commencement, blood drives, orientation and Family Weekend. Diplomats are selected based on their ability to work with others, charisma and leadership.

Requirements for Diplomats are as listed below:

  • Served as an ELITE mentor or mentee, First-Year Experience or Pathways mentor, START member/captain, Orientation Leader/Team Leader, member of a University of Tampa athletic team, PEACE student coordinator, SPEAR mentor, member of Leadership Exchange, Student Productions Executive Board as defined by president, vice president or chair, resident assistant, ROTC contracted cadet, Student Government officer or class senator, President's Leadership Fellow, president or executive member of an organization
  • Must serve a minimum of three semesters
  • Be in good standing with conduct
  • Last, but not least…love UT!

Information regarding the application process will be available in the fall term. Please send questions to