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If you’re not sure about what to major in, you’re not alone at The University of Tampa. About 30 percent of the University’s freshmen choose undeclared as a major. Here’s why UT is an excellent choice for undeclared students:

More than 200 Academic Programs

With more than 200 areas of study across four colleges, the University provides many opportunities for you to explore degree options, while still staying within the goal of graduating in four years. Also, faculty and advisors have the expertise to guide you in choosing a major that’s right for you.

First-Year Experience Program

Orientation is more than a one-week process at UT. The First-Year Experience Program program is a required, two-credit, yearlong course of study designed to help you adjust to college life. The program helps you examine your interests, talents and goals, while pointing you in the right direction for whatever major you choose. You’ll team up with twenty new friends from around world and meet with a faculty advisor at least once a week.

Baccalaureate Experience

During your first two years at UT, you’ll be part of an innovative program that integrates your core curriculum with the major you eventually choose. The Baccalaureate Experience program introduces you to a variety of major/career options. The courses you take are applicable to any major, helping you stay on track to graduate on time.

Academic Exploration Program

We know that choosing a college major is an important process that deserves time and exploration. UT has a variety of events, services and resources to design your academic path to success. The Academic Exploration Program within the Academic Success Center provides support to students who are questioning what major to choose, considering changing majors or looking for ways to maximize their overall educational experience.


UT has more than 1,000 internships available each year, as well as other opportunities both on and off-campus to explore different fields while developing real-world experience. Many internships are within walking distance of campus.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services provides one-on-one guidance, self-assessment tools, career workshops, job fairs and other resources to help you explore all the options and get a head start on your career. Career Services also offers the one-credit course, Career Decision-Making.