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The Bachelor of Science in secondary English education program provides students with the academic knowledge, learning strategies and teaching approaches needed to be successful English teachers. English education candidates will gain certification to teach English, grades 6 through 12. All students in the secondary English education program will also be required to earn their ESOL endorsement. This endorsement is required by the State of Florida for all English teachers. 

For more information on classes and the secondary English education program, check out our Secondary English Education Quick Help Guide

Topics of Study

The University of Tampa’s secondary English education program focuses on:

  • teaching writing, reading and language
  • exploring literature and the young adult 
  • creating engagement with literature 
  • exploring the experiential, ideological, theoretical and relational dimensions of student teaching 
  • creating instructional units
  • implementing technology in the classroom 
  • building classroom communities 
  • understanding classroom ethics and law
  • assisting learners with special needs 
  • creating assessments and evaluations
  • applying multicultural theory in the classroom
  • integrating curriculum 

Teaching Certifications

In order to become a certified teacher, candidates must pass three examinations. One of the tests will be built into the admission process for the Department of Education. The remaining two exams will be required for graduation. The exams English education majors must pass include:

  • General Knowledge Test (GKT): All candidates must take and pass all sections of this exam to be admitted into UT’s Department of Education. 
  • Professional Education (PED), Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FCTE): All candidates must pass the professional education exam to become a certified teacher. 
  • English Subject Area, Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FCTE): All secondary English candidates must pass this exam to become certified teachers of English (grades 6-12). 

Student Leadership Activities

Candidates may join education focused extra-curricular activities to enhance their college experience. Clubs and societies include:
  • Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society for Education
  • Student Leadership Group (B.E.L.I.E.V.E.)