UT’s Department of Education prepares students to become certified teachers upon graduation. UT students work with their peers, local educators and community members to develop their professional teaching skills. Upon the completion of their degree, students are equipped educators with the skills necessary to create an active learning environment and promote academic success in the classroom.


Prospective students and undergraduates can choose one of the following degree program options. For specific information and requirements, see the academic catalog.

  • Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE)
  • English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Reading

Active Learning Strategies

The department of education develops students into teachers who are prepared to create compelling learning environments. UT students learn to become teachers by studying and implementing active learning strategies such as:

  • Role play
  • Debate
  • Classroom model design
  • Simulations
  • Panel discussions

UT student development continues to grow through the utilization of case studies, self-evaluations and teaching practicum experiences. Courses in each of the academic programs listed above provide students with extensive experience working with children, adolescents and young adults in a variety of wide-range school settings.

For more information and requirements about Florida's Teacher Preparation Programs, students can visit the Florida Department of Education.