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Students in a language lab

Acquiring second language skills can provide a distinct advantage in the workplace or with post-graduate studies. The Department of Languages and Linguistics provides students the foreign language proficiency and cultural awareness necessary to succeed in an integrated world community. Our tenured faculty offer courses in Spanish, French and Italian, and the department offers a major in Spanish and minors in French and Spanish. Please check the catalogue for additional language courses offered in Chinese, Japanese, German and American Sign Language.

Small class size, individual attention, a state-of-the-art foreign language laboratory and study abroad opportunities characterize UT's programs. The Language Learning Center assists students through use of the latest in technology – high-speed internet, international TV channels, video conferencing and more. The LLC is available for classroom study and individual work with tutors provided by the Academic Success Center.

All foreign language students are encouraged to participate in international study and travel experiences. Excellent programs are available throughout Europe and Latin America. Language professors have led study abroad groups to Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru and Spain. Semester- and year-long programs are also available.



Bachelor of Arts in Spanish - Provides a strong liberal arts background and helps students attain language proficiency and an understanding of the history and culture of Spain and Latin America, as well as a foundation in linguistics and an understanding of second language acquisition and pedagogy. The program is designed to give students options for graduate studies in language, professional schools, teaching and other careers.


Minor in French - Recommended for those students majoring in another program, but who are interested in attaining proficiency and an understanding of French language and culture. Twenty-four semester hours of 200-level courses or higher are required for a minor (FRE 250 does not count toward the minor).

Minor in Spanish - Recommended for those students majoring in another program, but who are interested in attaining proficiency in the language and an understanding of Spanish and Latin American culture. Twenty-four semester hours of 200-level courses or higher are required for a minor. 

Minor in Asian Studies- The minor in Asian studies focuses on the history, culture and politics of East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. It provides students with an understanding of the interdisciplinary field of Asian Studies. The minor helps prepare students for careers in business, government and nonprofit/non-governmental organizations, and is designed to enhance the marketability of those applying to law schools, MBA programs and graduate schools in various disciplines.

Latin American Studies Minor - The Latin American studies minor is designed to internationalize a number of existing majors by introducing students to the history, culture, politics and economics of Latin America and the Caribbean from an interdisciplinary perspective. This program helps students prepare for careers in government, business, academia and non-governmental organizations, as well as for graduate school in multiple disciplines.

Minor in Applied Linguistics - The minor in applied linguistics will appeal to students who are interested in learning languages and teaching second languages, including TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), both at home and abroad. This minor will also prepare students for graduate studies in one of the many branches of linguistics as well as TESOL and second language acquisition and teaching. 

Once a student has taken a course at the 300 or 400 level, they cannot enroll in a 200-level course or below. Additionally, at the 100 and 200 levels, courses must be taken in sequence. For example, a student cannot enroll in 101 after having completed 102 or in 201 after having completed 202.