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The SOARING SPARTANS program provides access to integrative campus services designed to empower students to positively navigate their academic experience. By offering impactful academic engagement opportunities, SOARING SPARTANS holistically supports UT Spartans in setting and reaching their desired academic success outcomes in an effort to promote student growth and retention.  

  • Eligibility
    1. The SOARING SPARTANS program is open to any Spartan who is seeking to improve their academic performance and reach their desired collegiate success outcomes.
    2. The program is mandatory for undergraduate students in targeted populations.
  • Objectives
    Upon successful completion of the SOARING SPARTANS program, students will be able to: 
    1. Use effective strategies to increase their skills in choice management
    2. Understand how to take personal responsibility for their choices, actions and outcomes.
    3. Identify and address potential and current academic roadblocks and create a plan to avoid or overcome them
    4. Set effective academic and life goals
    5. Identify and utilize UT resources to assist them in reaching desired goals 
    6. Identify next action steps they can take to reach their desired academic outcomes

For more information regarding the SOARING SPARTANS program, please contact