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Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are a student-facilitated academic support program designed to assist graduate students in selected courses. Sessions are conducted by graduate student PASS leaders, who have successfully completed the course for which they are providing support. PASS leaders work with the professors of those courses to promote an integrated experience of content and learning strategies for student participants.

Students attending PASS will work with leaders to:

  • Review course notes
  • Gain a better understanding of course concepts
  • Be able to apply concepts to various course scenarios
  • Work on practice problems
  • Develop and apply ways to improve learning and study skills

Sessions are free, voluntary and available to students who are enrolled in those particular courses. Participants will be able to choose to attend paired or small group sessions. PASS is held throughout the week and is located in the Graduate Student Lounge, located on the second floor of the Sykes College of Business.

PASS sessions are available for the following courses this semester:

  • ACC 500, 501, 610
  • ECO 500, 501
  • FIN 500, 611
  • QMB 500, 612

Types of PASS Sessions

Drop-in PASS Sessions

  • To view the Drop-In PASS times available, log into DaySmart
    • You do not have to schedule drop-in sessions, you can simply document the time and day and attend. If you would like a session reminder, you will need to select the option, sign in and click Finalize the Appointment.
  • Drop-In for assistance in the Graduate Student Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Sykes College of Business. 
  • Please note that other students may be there during drop-in time slots. If you prefer a 1:1 session with a PASS leader, please select PASS appointment session in DaySmart.

PASS Appointment Sessions

  • Students must schedule an appointment in DaySmart for PASS Appointment sessions.
  • Scheduled PASS sessions are 1:1 instruction available in 30-minute increments.

Group PASS Sessions

  • The objective of group sessions is to use the dynamics of peer-to-peer engagement to help with retaining information. 
  • The PASS leader covers course concepts from that week in a structured way. Students also bring questions about course content to weekly sessions.
  • The PASS leader will work with the course instructor to identify times for Group PASS sessions. You will be notified of these sessions by either the PASS leader or your instructor.

Sign up for PASS

Instructions for DaySmart

  • Click the button above to get to the DaySmart scheduling system.
  • Under Appointment Locator, click the down arrow under Select a Group PASS session.
  • Select a day and time from the options listed.
  • Once you select a Group PASS Session and a date, you will see Are you a new or returning user? 
    • For first-time users: You will select New User and fill in the required fields, then click Finalize Appointment. 
    • For returning users: You will put your login and password and click Finalize Appointment. If you do not remember your credentials, click I forgot my login information.
  • If you wish to schedule a Zoom appointment, you will include that you want the session to be virtual in the “Please let us know anything about you that will help during your appointment”, then you will use the Zoom link provided in the confirmation email for the designated tutor to meet virtually.

Questions regarding PASS can be directed to 

*Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the preferred web browser for the DaySmart system.