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If a Hurricane Warning is issued for the Tampa Bay Area and the Emergency Operations Plan is activated, the following checklist provides some recommended actions to prepare and preserve your work area.
  1. Move desks, file cabinets, worktables and bookcases away from windows and open doorways.
  2. Clear desktops, tables and other exposed horizontal surfaces of materials that may be susceptible to high winds and water.
  3. Protect books, valuable papers and equipment by covering them with plastic sheeting and storing them inside cabinets, boxes or transferring them to an interior room.
  4. Back up computer hard drives.
  5. Take laptop computers home.
  6. Unplug computers, printers and all other electrical appliances. Disconnect the yellow network cable from the wall outlet.
  7. If you have a UPS (battery back-up system), turn it off and unplug it.
  8. Protect equipment from water damage by placing them inside thick plastic and sealing the ends with tape.
  9. If your computer is located on the first floor, elevate it.
  10. Occupants in areas susceptible to flooding should remove contents from bottom drawers of desks and file cabinets.
  11. Secure lab and research operations.
  12. Secure chemicals on workbenches and place them in storage cabinets or store in storerooms if available.
  13. Provide a means of contact with your supervisor in case damage occurs in the laboratory or work area.
  14. Protect apparatus and glassware in lab areas.
  15. Clean refrigerators and remove food. If responsible for animals or continuing research projects, make arrangements for necessary protective care.
  16. Close and latch all windows.
  17. Drop all blinds and close all shades.
  18. Stay tuned to the radio/television stations for information or monitor the UT Web site.

Athena Back Up Procedures


  1. Right click Start (lower left corner) and Explore.
  2. Scroll down the Folders menu (left side of screen) until you see your home directory shown as yourusername$ on 'athena' (Z:).
  3. You can back up your files in this directory in the same manner that you save files to your local hard drive, e.g., save as, copy to, or click drag and drop.
If you do not see yourusername$ on 'athena' (Z:) or you need assistance using your home directory, please call the IT HelpDesk ext. 6293 for assistance. 


Note: Users must be using at least Mac OSX for this action to work.
  1. On the Finder, from the “Go” menu, select  “Connect to Server.” 
  2. In the Window that pops up, you will need to edit the bottom box to read:
    Note: Username is your UT e-mail username. 
  3. Click “Connect” button or your “Enter” button.
    First Box: Type in  SPARTANS if it is not already there.
    Second Box: Type in your username.
    Third Box: Type in your e-mail password.
    Check the “Add to Keychain” box.   
This will create an icon on your desktop for this personal drive on Athena that you can drag and drop, cut/paste files etc. If you need assistance, please call the Helpdesk at ext 6293.
During hurricane season it is imperative that each employee and each department have a plan of protective action for their work or laboratory area. This will minimize the potential damage and loss of work should a hurricane strike the Tampa Bay area.