While many systems may be employed during an emergency, several are of particular importance for faculty, staff and students. Please note that depending on the nature of the emergency, some systems may not be deployed. In an emergency, you would be provided instructions and told to consult the University’s website for further information. 

Emergency Systems   In an emergency:
 www.ut.edu This is the primary source for emergency information. As new information becomes available, it will be posted at www.ut.edu/alert for safety alerts or www.ut.edu/weather for weather related emergencies. Check it often.
SMART Text Message Students, faculty and staff who opt in with a cell # in SpartanWeb are enrolled in SMART and will receive a text message. 
Desktop Alert Faculty and staff computers plugged into a wired connection and lab computers will display a message.
Voice Message
Classroom and residence hall emergency telephones will ring. Answer the phone to hear a recorded message.
Global Email A global email will be issued to faculty, staff and students regarding the emergency.
Global Voicemail A global voice mail will be issued to all faculty, staff, and students regarding the emergency.
Blackboard A message will appear for all users.
Display Boards
Display boards will indicate that there is a campus emergency.
SpartanWeb A message will appear for all users.
Thor Guard Lightning Warning 20 second horn blast means take cover. Three 5 second horn blasts mean all clear.
Social Media Messages will be posted on:
Facebook – The University of Tampa
Twitter - UofTampa
Public Address Systems PA systems are utilized building-wide in all residence halls except the Boathouse and Barrymore Hotel.