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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in music is a flexible approach to undergraduate level music study that combines traditional training in music theory, history and performance along with the ability to choose from a variety of electives that reflect the student's musical interests. The Bachelor of Arts in music degree requires fewer credits in music courses than the Bachelor of Music in performance or Bachelor of Music in music education degrees, and is a good choice for students considering a double major in music and another area.

Students who graduate with this degree: 
  • may pursue a graduate degree in a particular music discipline (e.g., accompanying, chamber music, collaborative keyboard, composition, conducting, jazz studies, pedagogy, sacred music, history and literature, musicology, ethnomusicology, theory, music therapy)
  • may go on to build their professional careers beyond academia as a music teacher, accompanist, musical director, conductor, composer, arranger, orchestrator, music therapist, performer, music supervisor, sound recordist, music producer, sound designer, music software consultant or programmer, and more. 

Topics of Study

  • Music Theory and Aural Skills
  • Music History
  • World Music
  • Recording and Electronic Music
  • Studio Music Lessons
  • Large and Small Ensembles

Audition Requirements 

For audition requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in music, please click here.

Audition Information

Music Audition

Students desiring to major or minor in music must successfully audition for acceptance into the Department of Music.

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