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Chamber Singers is The University of Tampa's select, 34-voice mixed choral ensemble. Membership is by audition only. Designed to perform advanced choral repertoire of all style periods, Chamber Singers serves as the premiere vocal ensemble of the University. As ambassadors of the Department of Music and The University of Tampa, Chamber Singers gives numerous performances on campus and off campus and tours regularly. Singers possessing superior vocal and sight-reading skills are invited to audition. Students who sing in the ensemble are made up of primarily music majors, music minors and musical theatre majors; however, students from other academic disciplines participate regularly. 

Auditions for Chamber Singers:

Auditions for Chamber Singers are held during the first two class days of the fall semester. Priority is given to singers who can commit to an entire academic year. Interested students can come to the Ferman Music Center, room 118, and sign up for an individual appointment. The audition will consist of five parts:

  1. Exploration of the Voice: The student will sing simple exercises to explore the range and comfortable tessitura, and to demonstrate vocal quality and dexterity. 
  2. Evaluation of Vocal Production: Students auditioning for select ensembles will sing a short solo of his/her own choice to demonstrate vocal production qualities. The song should be an art song, aria, patriotic song, folk song or hymn. Pop songs are not permitted.  
  3. Sight Reading: Students will be asked to read, at sight, a brief passage of music. After a minute to study the example, the student will be given a starting pitch and will sing a cappella, using any music reading system or reading on a neutral syllable (for example, "la"). 
  4. Ear Evaluation: The director will clap various rhythmic patterns, and the student will have to clap them back. The director will play a series of three or four pitches on the piano, and the student will have to sing them back on a neutral syllable.  
  5. Interview: The student will have a few minutes to talk with the director, ask questions and share concerns.  

Donations for Chamber Singers Travel:

If you would like to help make off-campus travel possible for Chamber Singers, your tax-deductable contributions are greatly appreciated. 

  • Make a secure, online contribution through the Office of Development and University Relations. Please be sure to designate “Choir Travel Fund” in the comments section. 


  • Send a personal check and mail it to the following: 

        The University of Tampa 
        Development Office, Box H 
        401 W. Kennedy Blvd. 
        Tampa, FL 33606 
        (Please note on the check memo “Choir Travel Fund”)

For more information about supporting The University of Tampa Chamber Singers, contact Ryan Hebert at (813) 257-3344 or email