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Communication/communicating is the ability to create a shared understanding with others. The study of communication is the process of learning and practicing theories and tools to better understand messages, contexts, audiences, groups and organizations, with the goal of improving or changing understanding through the careful use of messages.

Professional communication is a specialty subfield of communication that pays close attention to the theories and practice of communication within professional contexts. Fields that utilize professional communication include athletics and sport, the arts, heath and family care, new media, small business and entrepreneurship, consulting, education and spiritual services. Professional communication also plays an important role in the fields of medicine, law, psychology and philosophy. All of these fields require the effective use of outward messages to an often unfamiliar audience or public. 

UT’s professional communication master’s degree is multidisciplinary, drawing students from a broad range of fields. The program’s dynamic faculty also come from diverse backgrounds and possess a variety of scholarly and professional experience. They work together with students to share and create new knowledge.