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People in the financial trading center

Macdonald-Kelce Library is the academic heart of the campus and a great place to do research. The library has more than a quarter of a million items available. Books and journals, as well as a variety of computer resources and databases, government documents, audio and videotapes, maps, and more make up the entire collection. UTOPIA (University of Tampa Online Public Information Electronic Access) is a new system that provides Web access to library holdings, both on and off campus.

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides certified learning assistants who help students attain and enhance a variety of learning skills, from reducing test anxiety to improving reading comprehension. ACE helps students strengthen study habits and problem solving techniques for continued learning achievement after graduation.

Career Services staff help students with career planning, résumé writing, interview skills, employment-related correspondence and job search strategies. The HIRE-UT online résumé and job listing system is a convenient way for students to stay informed on career-related issues. Students can search for internships, part-time and full-time positions, and be alerted to job fairs and other employment related events.

Centers and Institutes are another bridge to the business community. Through providing programs and resources to area professionals and organizations, these organizations developed partnerships that help students integrate real-life practical information with classroom concepts.

Honor Societies at the College of Business recognize academic excellence and provide interaction among students, faculty and professionals. Students are invited to join based on academic achievement and faculty recommendation. Two honor societies are available for graduate students: Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma.

High-Tech Facilities - The College of Business offers more than 1,300 data ports and several wireless hot spots for high-speed networking and Internet access. Students can go online from all 30 classrooms, student breakout rooms, computer labs, and even in the hallways and vending area. Students use Blackboard, an easy-to-use Web site, for access to class materials, information, assignments, and communication.

Finance Trading Room - The Huizenga Family Foundation Trading Center provides a significant hands-on dimension to finance education with Bloomberg Professional™ real-time trading information. The Trading Center offers customized programs to meet the corporate community’s growing demand for analysts, financial managers, broker/dealers and global custodians, bridging the gap between academia and the business environment.

Students participating in the Bailey Student Investment Fund manage a $100,000 portfolio of stocks, bonds and sector funds. BSIF gives students hands-on investment management experience. While working to maximize returns, students also balance risk through a diversified portfolio. Guest speakers from the investment management industry speak with the BSIF about portfolio management styles and provide insight into the professional world of investment analysis.