Financial Aid

  • Aid for Undergraduates

    Aid for UndergraduatesGrants, loans, scholarships – a wide variety is available. Learn More.
  • Aid for Graduate Students

    Aid for Grad StudentsProgram-specific aid, assistantships, loans and more. Learn More.
  • International Students

    International StudentsAid information for undergraduate and graduate international students. Learn More.
  • Net Price Calculator

    Financial Aid CalculatorsNeed based assistance and scholarship calculators. Learn More.
  • How to Apply for Aid

    Apply for Financial AidStep-by-step financial aid guide for what to do and when to do it. Learn More.
  • Scholarships and Grants

    Scholarship and GrantsUT has many programs based on achievement and need. Learn More.
  • Aid Award Notification

    NotificationAfter you complete the FAFSA, you and UT will receive the results. Learn More.
  • Re-Apply for Aid Renewal

    Aid RenewalYou must re-apply every year for financial aid. Learn More.