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Held three times per year (October, January and April), the Business Network Symposium (BNS) is a complimentary and informative morning for the Tampa Bay business community and University of Tampa students. Each BNS program will present three CEOs of local businesses. These businesses are well known, but changing; new and emerging; or new to the Tampa Bay area. The CEOs of these firms will be given the opportunity to share their business story – accomplishments, lessons learned and future plans – with the local community. Each speaker will have 10-15 minutes, and the event will conclude with a Q&A session. Watch videos of past symposiums.

When: Oct.18, 2022
Location: Vaughn Center, 9th floor

Austin Gappelberg, Owner, Hampton Chocolate Factory

Sean Fetcho, CEO, Versea Holdings, INC.

Amy S. Ross, M.D., Founder, PHDERMATOLOGY

Time: 7:30 a.m.


Board of Fellows Business Network Symposium Committee Members

Erica Shea, SHUMAKER
Bradley Salzer, Redstone Investments

Committee Members:
Ashley Jarocki, NextPath Career Partners
John Holton, Rita Technology Services
Renée Vaughn, Williams Consulting Group

Sponsored By:
TD Bank

The Board of Fellows sees its mission as one of strengthening the ties between the University and the local business community, serving as goodwill ambassadors within the community, and supporting the University financially through the Annual Fund and the Board of Fellows Endowed Scholarship. The organization has become an integral part of the Tampa Bay area's image.

For more information, visit the Board of Fellows.