The Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Group is a forum for the Dean of Students and other administrators to hear directly from students about their experiences to better advocate for a more inclusive learning environment that supports unique perspectives and values differences.


  • The advisory group is co-chaired by the Dean of Students and a student.
  • The Provost, faculty diversity committee chair, director of student care and advocacy, and the associate director of leadership and diversity education serve as ex-officio members of the group.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about diversity and inclusion and willing to share their experiences with others are eligible to apply.
  • Based on the topic of each meeting, invited guests are welcome to attend.

Application Process

Time Commitment

  • The advisory group meets monthly for an hour and a half over lunch.
  • Meetings are typically the first Monday of the month from noon–1:30 p.m.

If you have any campus concerns related to diversity and inclusion that you would like the Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Group to discuss, please email

Zoe Berman International Business and Management Information Systems more » close »


Hometown: Morristown 
Graduation Year: 2021

Personal Definition of Diversity: Having the greater understanding and appreciation that everyone, anywhere comes from a different background, has had different experiences, and evolved into their own, unique character and that these qualities are what make us who we are.

Surumya Bhargava Psychology more » close »


Hometown: Orlando, FL
Graduation Year: 2020

Personal Definition of Diversity: Including all people despite differences or various social issues.

Maitryi Das Marketing more » close »


Hometown: Patna
Graduation Year: 2020

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity is a wide range of options, choices, decisions. It enables one to choose out of a plethora of options. A diverse university exposes one to many kinds of opportunities, ethnicities, cultures, norms, festivals, languages, associations, etc. Interacting and learning about diversity in a safe environment like a university empowers students with the knowledge to be more culturally tolerant and informed in the real world as well. Diversity as a concept needs to be promoted as the very essence of an international university.

Samantha Gilfand International Business Marketing more » close »


Hometown: Vernon Hills, IL
Graduation Year: 2023

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity is the acceptance, understanding and intermixing of different backgrounds, races, cultures, sexualities, religions, genders, etc. that is constantly adapting as people learn, grow and change.

Blossom Madubike Public Health more » close »


Hometown: Nigeria
Graduation Year: 2022

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity, in my opinion, means a setting that includes people that look and think differently from one another without the assumption that one person or group of people are superior. It means that every single individual is different and therefore offers very unique insights and perspectives - using these differences for the greater good is what sets a diverse and non-diverse environment apart. We are all responsible for the part we play when it comes to opening ourselves up to understand the differences within the different cultures that we encounter daily.

Morgan Miller Biology more » close »


Hometown: New Bedford
Graduation Year: 2021

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity is the recognition and acceptance of individuals of varying unique attributes. Diversity brings a state of wholeness and inclusivity to every applied topic.

Michelle Mooney Waipahu, Hawaii more » close »


Hometown: Waipahu, HI
Graduation Year: May 2020

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity is the understanding that each individual is unique, and to recognize individual or personal differences. It is the ability for these differences to coexist together with a mutual acceptance for all. These can be along the dimensions of race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs or other ideologies.

Ronnie Nuzzolo Management Information Systems more » close »


Hometown: Aberdeen, NJ
Graduation Year: 2020

Personal Definition of Diversity: I see diversity as when an entity consists and welcomes a variety of people regardless of their race, ethnicity, nation, religion, creed, gender or political belief. Every person, no matter how different they are from us, has unique qualities that must be accepted and embraced, and it is necessary to represent and understand these contrasting groups of people.

Jules Teichert Allied Health - Medical Science more » close »


Hometown: Andover, MA
Graduation Year: 2021

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity is a culmination of recognition, respect and representation of everyone's differences. It is valuing people's unique identities and having a positive outlook on differences between people rather than a negative one.

Debra Tuberion Psychology more » close »


Hometown: Union Beach, NJ
Graduation Year: 2020

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity is accepting, including, appreciating and most importantly, learning from the differences of others.

Rachel Wall Allied Health more » close »


Hometown: Cobbs Cross, Antigua
Graduation Year: May 2020

Personal Definition of Diversity: The inclusion and incorporation of people from different backgrounds, worldviews and cultures. The appreciation of different ideas begets the growth and development of the best parts of our society. We grow by becoming diverse, and putting ourselves in challenging situations to better ourselves and our circle.

Jordan Washington Environmental Science and Physics more » close »


Graduation Year: 2021

Personal Definition of Diversity: Diversity is the inclusion of the masses, not make any one person/ethnicity/race/gender to feel left out. I feel like personally, it is up to everyone to make everyone feel more diverse in the world, because every culture has its advantages and cool aspects of it.

Will White Management more » close »


Hometown: Tinton Falls, NJ
Graduation Year: 2021

Personal Definition of Diversity: My personal definition of diversity is the fact that every single person on this planet is their own unique individual. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and upbringings and as humans, we should all enjoy the wonderful things that everyone has to offer and share to the world. People should look to spread peace, love and positivity and should appreciate the beautiful differences in our world.