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Mission Statement

Student Affairs at The University of Tampa educates, supports and empowers students through holistic, experiential and diverse learning opportunities that develop Spartan Ready® competencies, preparing students to contribute to a global society.

Vision Statement

Student Affairs at The University of Tampa will be known for its innovative professionals and dynamic Spartan Ready culture that engages every student and results in their sense of belonging, student success, well-being and life transformation.

Interested in learning more? For more information on the division's mission, vision, values and strategic priorities, explore this Student Affairs handout.

Student Affairs Division-Wide Events

The Student Affairs Strategic Planning and Assessment Team coordinates two division-wide programs per year to engage the entire division in the strategic planning process. Past programs include:

  • July 2011 Advance, facilitated by Timothy McMahon, Ph.D. (focus on organizational change and diversity)
  • Winter 2011 Staff Planning Day, facilitated by the Student Affairs Strategic Planning Committee, (focus on mission statement development)
  • May 2012 Advance, facilitated by Michael Weeks, (focus on systems thinking)
  • January 2013 Advance, facilitated by Teri Bump (focus on likeability and career trajectory)
  • May 2013 Advance, facilitated by Tom Miller, interim vice president of Student Affairs and associate professor, College of Education, the University of South Florida (focus on retention and persistence) and David Stern, Provost, The University of Tampa (focus on collaboration between academic and student affairs)
  • January 2014 Advance, facilitated by Susan Komives (focus on student learning outcomes)
  • June 2014 Advance, facilitated by Kathy Guthrie (focus on living and working wholeheartedly in higher education)
  • January 2015 Advance, facilitated by Lua Hancock (focus on collaborative partnerships)
  • July 2015 Advance, facilitated by Angela Lauer Chong (focus on legal issues in higher education)
  • January 2016 Advance, facilitated by Emma Pettit (focus on diversity and inclusion)
  • July 2016 Advance, facilitated by Paul Grossberg, MD (motivational interviewing)
  • January 2017 Advance, facilitated by Alex Desiderio (change and priority management)
  • July 2017 Advance, facilitated by the Strategic Planning and Assessment Team (Essentialism)
  • January 2018 Advance, facilitated by Keith Edwards (Toward Thriving: Applying the Science that Works. Focus on positive psychology)
  • July 2018 Advance, facilitated by Monnie Wertz and Mark Colvenbach (Generation Z)
  • January 2019 Advance, facilitated by Jillian Kinzie (High Impact Practices)
  • July 2019 Advance, facilitated by Eric Freundt (Inquiry and Experiential Education)
  • January 2020 Advance, facilitated by Kristen Walker Donnelly (Competency Development, Spartan Ready)
  • July 2021 Advance, facilitated by the Student Affairs Senior Leadership Team and Strategic Planning and Assessment Team (Reflect, Refocus and Reset)
  • January 2022 Advance, facilitated by Kevin Kruger (The Future of Higher Education)
  • July 2022 Advance, facilitated by Lamar Hylton (Sustainable Careers in Student Affairs)
  • January 2023 Advance, facilitated by the Student Affairs Strategic Planning Assessment Team and Professional Development Committee (Revisiting the Student Affairs Mission, Vision, Focus Areas, and Values)
  • July 2023 Advance, facilitated by Student Affairs Professional Development Committee (Finding Home at UT: Keys to Student Retention, Persistence, and Completion) 
  • January 2024 Advance, facilitated by the Student Affairs Strategic Planning Assessment Team (Data-Informed Practices in Student Affairs) 
  • July 2024 Advance

Divisional Awards

In 2014, Student Affairs introduced a series of awards that recognize staff members who exemplify our core values in action and programs that support our strategic priorities.

2014-2022 Krystal Schofield Student Affairs Staff Outstanding Contribution Past Recipients

Student-Learning Centered

  • Kiara Pittman - 2022
  • Joshua Pullens - 2021
  • Jin Kim - 2020
  • Rachel Killam - 2019
  • Brittaney Mericle - 2018
  • Ian McGinnity - 2017
  • Jacquelyn Edwards - 2016
  • Addie Carothers - 2015
  • Shannon Calega - 2014


  • Kelly Allgeier - 2022
  • Annie Donaldson - 2021
  • Erika Buckley - 2020
  • Matt Battista - 2019
  • Rachel Killiam - 2018
  • Shannon Calega - 2017
  • Nora Jarmon - 2016
  • Joe Wynn - 2015
  • Melena Postolowski - 2014

Community and Citizenship

  • Addie Carothers - 2022
  • Ian McGinnity - 2021
  • Tim Harding - 2020
  • Molly Butters - 2019
  • Molly Butters - 2018
  • Mark Colvenbach - 2017
  • Tiffany Garcia - 2016
  • Ian McGinnity - 2015
  • Ciarra Joyner - 2014

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Ana-Cristina Medal - 2022
  • Ana Maia - 2021
  • Amber Rivera - 2020
  • Erika Buckley - 2019
  • Addie Carothers - 2018
  • Chris Gottlick - 2017
  • Raven Davis - 2016
  • Sabrina Griffith - 2015
  • Lisa Ryan - 2014

Personal Responsibility

  • Cristina Muyshondt - 2022
  • Amy Greene - 2021
  • Annie Donaldson - 2020
  • Amber Myer - 2019
  • Angela Ward - 2018
  • Hailey Palmer - 2017
  • Sandi Miller - 2016
  • Katie Meyer-Griffith - 2015
  • Jacquelyn Edwards - 2014


  • Tim Nelson - 2022
  • Jennifer Scaia - 2021
  • Sharon Charles - 2020
  • Kelly Allgeier - 2019
  • Jake Peters - 2018
  • Tim Nelson - 2017
  • Angela Ward - 2016
  • Dawn Hoskins - 2015
  • Connie McCullough - 2014

During the 2022-2023 academic year, the entire division completed an extensive 10-year review of the foundational documents by incorporating feedback from across the division to update and realign the Student Affairs mission, vision, core values and strategic focus areas. As a result of the process, the core values were revised to the following: Student-Centered Learning, Collaboration, Community and Citizenship, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Professional Practice. 

2023 Krystal Schofield Student Affairs Staff Outstanding Contribution Recipients

Student-Centered Learning

  • Kyle Shatto


  • Emily Bridges

Community and Citizenship

  • Madi Bridges

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Tess Aguilar

Professional Practice

  • Sarah Hart

Joseph Sclafani Collaborative Partnership Award: The Collaborative Partnership Award was established in January 2018 to recognize a member of the University community outside the Division of Student Affairs who engages with student affairs in deep and meaningful ways to achieve common goals. The Collaborative Partnership Award is named after Joseph Sclafani, interim associate provost, and professor of psychology, for his collegial spirit and his tireless advocacy of student affairs initiatives. This award is presented each January to a faculty or staff member at the Student Affairs Advance to reinforce the values of collaboration and partnership during the recognition ceremony.

Joseph Sclafani Collaborative Partnership Award Past Recipients

  • 2023 - Zach McDowell
  • 2022 - Amy Apicerno
  • 2021 - Paul Greenwood
  • 2020 - Cheri Etling-Paulsen
  • 2019 - Mary Martinasek
  • 2018 - Drew Kelly
  • 2017 - Joseph Sclafani

The Linda W. Devine, Ph.D., Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award, originally established in 1989 as the Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award, recognizes a University faculty or staff member who has made a significant contribution to life outside the classroom. The recipient must be employed at UT for at least five years and be selected by the prior recipients. Those currently serving in Student Affairs are not eligible for the award. The recipients will be announced at the annual Leadership Awards Night Ceremony, and their names will be displayed on a plaque that is mounted in the Plant Hall lobby. The recipient will receive a $500 check from an endowment created by Devine and her family. The recipient will be part of the commencement platform party at the spring commencement and will be announced from the platform.

In 2018 the award was renamed the Linda W. Devine, Ph.D., Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award. Devine is a long-time member of the UT community who believes strongly in the value of the co-curriculum and integration of campus resources to develop the whole person. Recipients of the award share this vision and will have significantly contributed to this fusion in a systemic and positive way, laser-focused on the student and complimenting curricular work.

Linda W. Devine Ph.D., Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Past Recipients

  • 2023-2024 - Erin Setelius
  • 2022-2023 - Eric Freundt
  • 2021-2022 - Mary Anderson
  • 2020-2021 - Cheri Etling-Paulsen
  • 2019-2020 - Paul Finocchiaro
  • 2018-2019 - Susannah LeMarquand
  • 2017-2018 - Kristen Foltz