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The University of Tampa is a community committed to the values of honesty, citizenship, inclusion, respect, responsibility and life-long learning.

As a member of The University of Tampa community, I agree and pledge that I will…

    Promote and practice academic and personal honesty.
    Commit to actions that benefit our community and others.
    Recognize diversity and practice inclusion in our community.
    Recognize the ideas and contributions of all persons, allowing for an environment of sharing and learning.
    Accept responsibility and be accountable for all decisions and actions. 
    Engage in intellectual curiosity and commit to high academic standards and performance on campus and beyond.

History of the Spartan Code

The Spartan Code was created in Fall 2003 in response to a growing dissatisfaction by Student Government with negative student behaviors and in conjunction with a national focus on the importance of University values. Our code was crafted with the assistance of staff, students and faculty and was approved by Student Government, Senior Staff, the full Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees by Fall 2004. It was designed to reflect the values communicated in convocation, new student, residential living and academic programs, as well as Admissions materials and student conduct expectations. These values were reduced initially to the values of honesty, good citizenship, trust, respect and responsibility. As a living document, this code should be revisited periodically to ensure a proper reflection of current University values and serve as a benchmark with which to judge University-wide conduct and culture. The most recent revision of the Spartan Code occurred in 2018.