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For information about the Ars Sonora, please contact:

Eric Cardenas
Director, Public Information and Publications
The University of Tampa
(813) 257-3787 (Office)

We welcome the news media to view, download and use the following materials about the Susan and John Sykes Ars Sonora. Please click on the buttons below to access and download these resources.

All Assets

Announcement Press Release, Media Fact Sheet and Quotes from Leadership


  1. Ars Sonora on UT Campus Daytime
  2. Ars Sonora on UT Campus Nighttime
  3. Sykes Plaza Aerial Daytime
  4. Sykes Plaza Aerial Nighttime
  5. Ars Sonora and Sykes Chapel Dusk
  6. Ars Sonora Engineering Below Ground
  7. Ars Sonora Electrical Circuitry in Plaza
  8. Ars Sonora Bells and Circuitry in Sculpture


— Captions for All Photos

  1. UT Bell Seal Close-Up
  2. Sykes Bell
  3. Bell Molding, Lost-Wax Process
  4. Melting Bronze Mixture in Furnace
  5. Tuning a Bell
  6. Structure Parts for Assembly
  7. Software for Ars Sonora
  8. UT President Ronald L. Vaughn and His Wife Renée
  9. Paccard Bell Foundry Team Photo, with Bells
  10. Historic Photo of Giant Paccard Bell being Drawn by Horses and Oxen
  11. Vertical Construction Images Jan. 13-Feb. 3, 2022

B-Roll Videos

— Captions for All Videos

  1. Renderings of Ars Sonora on UT Campus
  2. Bell Making at Paccard Bell Foundry
  3. Bell Technology: Software and Bell Strikers
  4. Bell Testing at Paccard Bell Foundry, Large Swinging Bells
  5. Circuitry, Electronics
  6. Attaching Bells to Structure at Steel Fabricator Warehouse
  7. Paccard History with UT President Ronald L. Vaughn Seeing 1796 Bell
  8. Annecy, France Shots
  9. B-roll of UT Ars Sonora Construction Site as of Aug. 3, 2021
  10. B-roll of UT Ars Sonora Vertical Construction January/February 2022
  11. B-roll of UT Ars Sonora Construction 2022
  12. Music Testing
  13. Paccard Family and Bell Making

Audio Files of Ars Sonora Music

  • Toccata Et Fugue
  • Hatikvah
  • Mistral Gagnant (with flute)
  • Love Story (with vocalist Anne Paccard and piano)