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Year Event
1995 Ronald Vaughn with Minaret behind himRon Vaughn becomes president Jan. 1, 1995. A Wingspread Group report indicates the importance of character and values at U.S. colleges.
1996 A chapel is added to UT's campus master plan to help elevate the importance of character and values. The building is intended to provide room for numerous programs and activities on character and values as well as enhanced understanding of diverse world cultures and religions.
1997 John Sykes indicates desire to help with UT’s chapel project and Center for Faith and Values. John Sykes expresses interest in adding some bells to the chapel project, and research on bells and carillons begins.
1999 Sykes Chapel blueprintDevelopment of design guidelines for the chapel begins. Ongoing refinement over subsequent years.

The Paccard Bell Foundry constructs the first Ars Sonora in Saint-Etienne, France.
2004 Scarfone/Hartley Art GalleryR.K. Bailey Arts Studio is completed and the old Scarfone/Hartley Gallery facility is demolished, which makes the site available for the future Sykes Chapel and Ars Sonora.
2004-2008 Paccard Bell FactoryThe University researches and tours bell foundries and carillons to evaluate options.
2007 Competitive selection process for chapel architect — tvsdesign selected.

Development of Sykes Chapel design begins with research into the world’s best chapels.
2008 McNichols family agrees to help support the chapel project.

“Praying Hands” design theme selected for the chapel; plans also include early design work for the plaza and Ars Sonora.
2010 Sykes ChapelTour of Paccard Bell Foundry and meeting with Satil about building the stainless steel structure. Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values is completed and dedicated. Finished chapel structure includes rooms for the Ars Sonora keyboard and vertical windows to view future Ars Sonora.
2008-2012 Work with Paccard on Ars Sonora design and dynamic strikers technology.
2012-2014 Sykes Plaza renderingWork continues on certain Ars Sonora design elements.
2016 Construction Company LogosThe initial Ars Sonora construction team is selected.
2017-2018 Full scale launch of Ars Sonora planning and design.
2019 UT and Sykes bells were designed.

Trip to Paccard Foundry for UT bell pouring and meeting with Satil on the structure.
2019-2021 Finalization of all construction elements and drawings.
2020 Sykes at the Paccard workshopTrip to Paccard Foundry for pouring of Sykes bell and to Satil for structure briefing.
2021 Meetings to evaluate progress and prepare for shipping.
2022 Ars Sonora renderingArs Sonora and Sykes Plaza completion and celebration.

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