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Alumni Association Board Nomination Form

The UT Alumni Association Board is the advisory board to the University’s Alumni Association, and its mission is to enhance the connectedness of the worldwide University of Tampa community. Its members serve as ambassadors to their communities and encourage engagement through volunteerism, philanthropy, event attendance and advocacy.

Alumni Board Goals

  • Serve as the voice of alumni both on behalf of the Alumni Association and the alumni community
  • Promote the mission and offerings of the Alumni Association to the University community
  • Build and develop the alumni volunteer pipeline
  • Recognize alumni achievements and alumni service, and deepen the engagement of these leaders with the University

Alumni Board Membership

  • Made up of 20-30 members during any given year
  • Members serve three-year terms and attend three on campus meetings a year (October, January, April)
  • Composition of the board ideally reflects the diversity of University alumni with respect to ethnicity, age, gender, geographic location and degree(s) received

Current Membership

Greg Canty '92 - CHAIR

Nicole Caouette '11

Cameron Diehl '07

Bill Forrest '85

Billy Franchi '06

Ed Hill '82

David Hiller ’12

Christina Hurley '87 - VICE CHAIR

Jill Lazzara '11

Tino Martinez '89

Tom Meachum '81, MBA '93

Heather Robyak MBA '15

Rodrigo Rodriguez-Novas '02

Dana Saydak '13

Jessica Spencer '98

Joe Tomaino '65

Louise Warner '84

Maria Weizer '96