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Students in a lab holding a frog

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a federally mandated committee that is in place to ensure the proper and ethical use of all non-human vertebrate animals in the classroom and research facilities at UT. UT-IACUC follows policies required by the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) of the Public Health Service and will oversee that all work with non-human vertebrates comply with the Animal Welfare Act and Public Health Service policy. Any UT faculty or staff planning to use non-human vertebrate animals in their research or teaching must submit an application for use of vertebrate animals. All approved applications are valid for three years, assuming no changes are made to the approved procedures.

As of Spring 2019, all research and teaching with non-human vertebrates has to be approved by the IACUC committee.

Yearly Application Timing:

There are two application submission dates each year.

  • Oct. 1: research starting in the following spring/summer
  • March 1: research starting in the following summer/fall

We will then review the proposals and work with the submitter for any required revisions. Faculty will receive their official IACUC decisions before the end of semester.

Application Procedure:

  1. Verify that your work requires IACUC compliance regulation. If you are unsure, please contact the chair of the IACUC committee:
  2. Contact the chair of the IACUC committee: or Lorelei Sells in the sponsored programs office:, to gain access to the mandatory online training module “Working with the IACUC.” This online training must be completed prior to submitting the online application form.
  3. Please submit your IACUC application (IACUC application link) by either Oct. 1 or March 1.
  4. Please note, many grants require an approved IACUC before you can accept the grant funds. To this end, if you intend to apply for an internal grant through UT you must have an approved IACUC before you can accept the grant funds. Please keep IACUC deadlines in mind when planning to apply for grant funding.
  5. The IACUC is happy to work with all faculty throughout the approval process.
  6. If you are the PI of a current IACUC and would like to make an amendment to that IACUC please fill out the following form. This amendment should be an adjustment to the original IACUC experiment and procedures, and should not be an entirely new experimental line. If that is the case please create a new IACUC. Make an amendment.

We are committed to facilitating a smooth transition through this compliance process. Please contact us with any and all questions, comments and concerns. As this is a new process at UT, all feedback is very welcome and encouraged. We want everyone to feel supported during this process and are willing to work individually with everyone.


Todd Campbell

Current on-campus committee:

Todd Campbell (Chair)
Jeffrey Grim
Bridgette Froeschke
Lorelei Sells
Scott Husband

For UT's specific policy for ethical and humane research involving vertebrate animals, please see the faculty handbook.