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The international studies minor exposes students to a range of international-focused courses across a breadth of disciplines, including government, communication, history, sociology, economics, English, and languages. The minor is a helpful addition for any student who would like a well-rounded international perspective to complement their major field of study.

Topics of Study

  • world affairs
  • international political economy
  • intercultural communication
  • Third World development
  • international finance
  • economic development
  • contemporary African and Third World literature
  • languages
  • historical and comparative studies of world regions, including Latin America, Western Europe, and East Asia

A complete listing of Minor in International Studies required courses can be viewed on UT's online catalog.

Career Opportunities

The minor helps add a global outlook to a student’s education. With a relevant major (including history, government and world affairs, economics, English, languages, and more), a student could engage in any number of exciting international careers, including:

  • staff position with international governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • political risk analyst
  • international lawyer
  • international economist
  • historian
  • country analyst with U.S. federal government agencies

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • study abroad trips – led by faculty members – to locations such as Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • presentations at local, state and national conferences on government and world affairs
  • independent studies
  • interaction with guest speakers, including ambassadors, high-level U.S. government officials, and global activists