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In the Department of Political Science and International Studies, students are given the skills they need to land rewarding jobs and/or succeed at the graduate school of their choice. Not only do students graduate knowing more about the subjects of their relevant major, they learn critical thinking, problem solving, research and communication skills. Students get hands-on educations with small class sizes and faculty who bring their active research agendas into the classroom. Paired with internship and volunteer opportunities in the greater Tampa Bay region and around the world, students leave UT ready to make the world in which they live a better place.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - Students will learn how to become social scientists interested in studying our political world via the core. They will then apply their research skills in upper-level electives leaving able to not only read texts in the discipline but actually produce their own independent research. Students majoring in political science learn to analyze the varied applications of political authority in the United States and around the world. They focus both on formal government institutions and the more micro-processes by which societies allocate their valued resources through the use of formal and informal authority.

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - International studies teaches students how to thrive in a multidisciplinary, globalizing environment. Students pursuing this degree take advantage of this multi-disciplinary major designed to give them the diverse skill set they need to operate in a world where borders seem increasingly inconsequential. They learn a language, study abroad and entertain a core that spans three colleges before settling down into a regional or thematic concentration. The academic experience in this major culminates in a publication worthy research project in their area of focus.


Minor in Political Science - Students learn to analyze the varied applications of political authority in the United States and around the world. The focus is on government and world affairs.

Minor in International Studies - Encompasses international coursework and experiences across a breadth of disciplines.

Minor in Latin American Studies - The Latin American studies minor is designed to internationalize a number of existing majors by introducing students to the history, culture, politics and economics of Latin America and the Caribbean from an interdisciplinary perspective. This program helps students prepare for careers in government, business, academia and non-governmental organizations, as well as for graduate school in multiple disciplines.


Pre-Law Advising - The University has not established a specialized pre-law major, but encourages prospective law students to pursue a course of study that includes a wide variety of liberal arts classes. Students should also consider a major in criminology, history or government and world affairs, or a minor in law and justice. The B.A. in Government and World Affairs also offers a concentration in law and government.

Kelly Fitzgerald

The intercultural communication and critical thinking skills I developed at UT and the TESOL certificate I paired with my degree's coursework help me navigate life as both a cultural ambassador and a teacher. From Tampa to Indonesia to who-knows-where next, you never know where your degree may take you."

— Kelly Fitzgerald ’15, Fulbright scholar in Indonesia