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A key component to the professional development of our students is connecting them with current practitioners in the sport industry. Our department accomplishes this through several different venues.

Monthly Meetings
Three times a semester, our department invites local and national sport industry executives to meet with our students. By attending our monthly networking meetings, our students have the opportunity to speak with executives about their organizations, discuss the current trends in their industry segment and discuss internship and job opportunities.

Class Interactions
Throughout the semester, students have the opportunity to interact with sport industry executives in their various classes. Interacting with executives who are currently in the field (sales, marketing, venue/event management, media, legal, etc.) enhances the "learning by thinking" environment students have in the classroom.

Sport and Entertainment Management Society (SEMS)
The Sport and Entertainment Management Society (SEMS) at The University of Tampa promotes an integrated organization in which to broaden professional horizons. The goal of SEMS is to apply classroom concepts to the world of sport and entertainment and to actively engage in practices such as planning and hosting club-related events, seeking sponsorships and performing local volunteer work. By creating an environment of both on- and off-campus opportunities and industry networking, SEMS helps dedicated and passionate students enhance their occupational success in the various fields of sport and entertainment management following the conclusion of their collegiate studies.