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The University of Tampa’s Department of Nursing Skills and Simulation Laboratory is where nursing skills are taught and practiced in a safe, risk-free environment. The on-campus lab simulates acute hospital and long-term care settings, with medical supplies and equipment similar to those used in real health care facilities. In addition, there is a room designed as an ICU which includes authentic emergency equipment, emergency cart and a defibrillator.

The UT Nursing Skills and Simulation Laboratory is equipped with low to high fidelity manikins including the highly technical SimMan™ and SimBaby™, and an electronic birthing manikin, Noelle™. A video recording system is present for use during realistic patient care simulations, making performance feedback readily available to the student. Also within the laboratory, there is a health assessment lab with patient examination rooms similar to a primary care office in which both graduate and undergraduate students practice obtaining health assessment and physical examination skills. 

Students are able to practice nursing skills at the UT Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab during open lab time, scheduled throughout each week on a regular basis. A nursing student lab assistant is available during open lab time to assist students with skill acquisition and practice. Students are encouraged to utilize the lab beginning with their initial sophomore nursing courses.

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nurses learning

The Four-Year BSN degree is designed for students without nursing college credit.

practice lab

UT has several learning laboratories where nursing skills are taught and practiced.

nurse simulations

Students receive hands-on experience in the UT Nursing Skills Lab.

nursing practice

The simulation lab allows nursing skills to be taught and practiced in a risk-free environment.

nurses practicing in lab

The department's simulation laboratory features more than a dozen realistic medicial manikins.