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UT's Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) prepares advanced practice nurses for roles such as primary care providers and clinical leaders. The program emphasizes the importance of holistic assessment, cultural congruency and patient inclusion and collaboration in health care. UT's Department of Nursing is committed to helping meet the nation's growing demand for advanced practice nurses.

The department maintains formal affiliations to more than 200 Tampa Bay area health care facilities, providing students with expanded and broad clinical exposure. In addition, experienced preceptors assist students in fine-tuning essential skills for clinical practice. Preceptors are actively engaged in community practice settings and provide real-world lessons and advice about the scope of practice available to graduates. Opportunities in a variety of health care settings position graduates to enhance access to excellent health care for all.

For questions regarding UT’s MSN admission process, please contact Maria Quillen at

nursing practice

Students are prepared for a variety of primary care and clinical management roles as nurse practitioners.

nursing conference room

The curricula of the Department of Nursing are registered with the Florida Board of Nursing.


Six patient examination rooms allow students to practice their health assessment and physical exam skills.

exam room

The six patient exam rooms are modeled after those commonly found in primairy care offices.

nurses practicing

Students are prepared to respond to diverse health care needs.