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Public health students
Students playing with puppies

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

The B.S. in Public Health - Health Promotion and Practice degree program is designed for students primarily interested in the improvement of health and prevention of disease and disability. The mission of the public health program is to provide students with high-quality undergraduate education through knowledge, discovery, experiential learning, collaboration and the translation of health education into practice, health promotion programs, policy and research to improve the well-being and health of diverse populations.

The program focuses on:

  1. Identifying social and behavioral determinants of health;
  2. Developing and evaluating interventions and policies leading to the improvement of population health;
  3. Advocating for policy development and programmatic change;
  4. Investigating and trending diseases from the community level to the national level; and
  5. Preparing professionals for leadership positions in advocacy and public health service.

Upon completion of the program, students will be well-qualified for graduate studies and/or fulfilling careers in public and private organizations.

Public health students have the opportunity to travel abroad during breaks at the University. These students pictured traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and provided health education to the children.

Claudia Jiménez

"I chose to study public health because of my interest in health education, promotion and prevention. Many people think that studying medicine is the only way to prevent illness, but public health goes beyond that by preventing health issues and promoting healthy lifestyles."

— Claudia Jiménez '20