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The Human Performance Lab (HUP-Lab) is an inclusive space whose core values foster creativity and critical thinking, empowering our students to engage in different activities. The HUP-Lab is a vital component of the department and University's mission of learning by thinking and learning by doing. By providing learning experiences through course laboratories, faculty and student scholarship, and our collaborative work with the University Athletic Department, our students participate in diverse experiences that develop their skills and professional qualifications.

Research Environment

The HUP-Lab comprises two different state-of-the-art facilities equipped with sophisticated systems for advancing human performance, sports nutrition, and exercise physiology. Among these systems are Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) for whole and regional body composition assessments and Ultrasound imaging to measure skeletal muscle size, locate soft tissue injuries (and much more). Our labs also house stationary and portable metabolic systems for VO2max and resting metabolism assessments with an integrated resting and stress ECG system for heart electrical activity analyses. Wireless electromyography is used to analyze skeletal muscle activation, while accelerometers and linear positioning transducers to quantify the rate and velocity of human movement. Students can also gain experience with technologies for athlete performance monitoring, including Catapult® GPS player tracking. Recent additions include a Sphygmocor® unit for peripheral blood flow analyses, two Noraxon® portable biomechanics laboratories, and a Biodex® isokinetic dynamometer for biomechanical and neuromuscular assessments.

Our unique environment provides outstanding learning experiences and ample opportunities for students to gain national and international exposure for their achievements. After graduating with a Human Performance major and completing his master’s at The University of Tampa, one of our alumni received the National Strength and Conditioning Association "Master's Student Outstanding Podium Presentation" research award at the National Conference in 2017. Furthermore, a human performance major received “The Best Student Poster Award for APHA’s Physical Activity Section” in 2021. 

The HUP-Lab takes pride in offering our students opportunities to obtain skills and competencies that set them apart from other applicants for graduate school and professional positions within the exercise science field. Please browse the studies listed below for information about scholarly work performed in the last years by our students and faculty members.

Research Studies