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Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society

Beta Beta Beta is a national collegiate honor society and academic fraternity for undergraduate biology students. It provides an opportunity to connect with fellow science majors, network within the community, volunteer with local organizations and promote interest in biology and research. Our chapter is open to anyone interested in biological science. We host research seminars, kayak, canoe and snorkel trips, and team up with PEACE and UT’s Environmental Protection Coalition for a variety of community service opportunities. Students interested in joining should contact Assistant Professor Eric Freundt at (813) 257-1714 or

Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is an organization dedicated to the development of knowledge about professional schools and their entrance requirements. It is open to all pre-professional students regardless of their major. The group meets twice per month. In addition, guest speakers from a variety of pre-professional programs are invited several times during the semester to present talks on the academic, financial, and entrance requirements for attending a professional school. Interested students should contact Associate Professor Ann Williams at (813) 257-3994 or

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national pre-professional health honors society. The society’s mission is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedical scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education; to promote communication between medical and premedical students and educators; to provide a forum for students with common interests; and to use its resources to benefit health organizations, charities and the community. Alpha Epsilon Delta members work closely with the members of Skull and Bones to enhance their knowledge about professional schools and entrance requirements. In addition, AED functions as a service organization. The organization at UT is the 194th charter to have been established. It is dubbed the Florida Eta Chapter. Pre-professional students who have completed three semesters of college coursework and have both an overall and science (BCPM) GPA of 3.2 or greater are encouraged to apply. Interested students should contact Associate Professor Ann Williams at (813) 257-3994 or

Environmental Protection Coalition

The Environmental Protection Coalition (EPC) is a student group whose goal is to raise environmental awareness on campus and in the surrounding community. The EPC works closely with Beta Beta Beta in planning environmentally relevant activities including fundraising for environmental causes, beach cleanups, canoe and camping trips, and an Earth Day celebration. The EPC is currently working with UT administrators on a major campus recycling initiative as well as sustainability issues. Any interested students are encouraged to join. For more information, contact Assistant Professor Rebecca Waggett at (813) 257-3320 or

University of Tampa Chapter of the Tampa Bay Association for Environmental Professionals

The recently established UT Chapter of the Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals (UT-TBAEP) is a pre-professional group that provides information about employment opportunities in environmental science and related fields. This group is a chapter of the National Association for Environmental Professionals (NAEP), an active organization with its own peer-reviewed journal (The Environmental Professional). UT-TBAEP Chapter members may attend monthly TBAEP meetings at local venues, which include a seminar and other valuable opportunities for networking with environmental professionals that work for federal, state, and local governmental agencies, local environmental consulting firms and businesses, and non-governmental environmental organizations. The yearly UT-TBAEP Career Forum gives students access to local environmental professionals during a panel discussion. The winner of a yearly student writing competition receives funding to attend the annual NAEP meetings. Members also have many opportunities for job-shadowing and volunteering at local agencies and in the private sector, providing experience that could eventually lead to full-time employment. If interested, please contact Associate Professor Todd Campbell at (813) 257-3124 or