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The Marine Science-Biology degree is one of the defining degrees at The University of Tampa and a pivotal major to the Department of Biology. Drawing from general biological principles and very specific marine-related issues, the course of study includes substantial exposure to biological, chemical and physical aspects of marine science. Courses are geared towards experiential learning, with rich lab experiences, weekend field trips to remote locations like the Florida Keys, and even international travel courses.

Moreover, nearly half of the biology faculty is conducting research on marine organisms or systems, providing numerous opportunities for student research and other real-world experiences. Students graduating with this degree are exceptionally well prepared to enter the job market or to pursue graduate training in any specific field of marine science, from basic to applied.

Because this is one of UT’s most prominent degrees, a vast array of facilities and equipment is available to faculty and students for course work, experiential learning, and faculty-led research. The Marine Science Field Station has both a wet-lab and a dry-lab as well as direct access to Tampa Bay. Along with canoes, kayaks, and other equipment, four different powered research vessels are available at the station, including a 17-foot outboard boat on a trailer, two beautiful Grady White boats (21-foot center console and 27-foot with an enclosed bow), and the BIOS II (2), a 46-foot, comfortable, stable, scuba-ready research vessel.

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This is a somewhat prescribed degree program, without specific areas of study, or "concentrations" from which students choose courses. However, students are able to pick from a wide range of courses to round out their degree or tailor it to their specific needs. See the UT catalog for specific information about required coursework.

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Looking at fish caught

The marine science-biology degree is one of the defining degrees at The University of Tampa.

Marine Science

Student skimming water

Nearly half of the biology faculty is conducting research on marine organisms or systems.

Biology Faculty

Marine Biology professor showing students a starfish

A vast array of facilities and equipment is available.

Marine Science Field Station

Marine Biology Student holding a conch shell

Marine biology courses are geared towards experiential learning.

Marine Science Major

Marine Biology student doing research

Students graduating with a marine biology degree are well prepared to enter the job market.


Sarah Noonan scuba diving

"The University of Tampa has given me amazing opportunities way beyond my expectations. From conducting undergraduate research in the lab to scuba diving off of our research vessel, the BIOS II, I have gained a skill set at UT that I know will help me succeed in future endeavors."

— Sarah Noonan ’19, biology major, minors in marine science, environmental science, chemistry and sustainability