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The Bachelor of Science in Biology degree is the most versatile of all the majors in the Department of Biology, allowing students to tailor their studies to nearly any career path. This rigorous program provides course work and skills that students need to prepare for admission to professional health degree programs and graduate school or careers in highly specialized fields in the natural sciences. It has more extensive mathematics, chemistry, and physics course requirements, leaving less room for students to take biology electives or other courses outside the major than does the Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

B.S. Biology students are expected to specialize in a particular area of study, or "concentration," that most closely matches their anticipated career. Four concentrations are available within this major.

General Biology Concentration

This program provides students with the most flexibility. Students assimilate knowledge of a broad range of subjects in the natural and physical sciences, but can also fine-tune their degree to learn concepts and gain skill sets that apply to nearly any specific career path. This is the concentration of choice for students seeking entry into professional programs, graduate programs, or employment in fields that are not specifically covered in the other three Biology B.S. concentrations.
General Biology Concentration Requirements

Biology-Pre-Professional Concentration

Among our more popular degree programs, this concentration draws from coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to provide students with all the coursework and background needed for success in health-related fields. This focused, rigorous program is specifically designed to prepare students for entry into medical, veterinary, dental, optometry, and other advanced degrees in the medical profession.
Biology-Pre-Professional Concentration Requirements

Molecular Biology Concentration

The emphasis of this program is on coursework that will help prepare students for careers where molecular biological concepts and techniques are the main focus. This program will prepare students for careers or advanced degrees in molecular genetics, immunology, biotechnology, forensic science, and biomedical research.
Molecular Biology Concentration Requirements

Biology-Business Concentration

This program blends contemporary biological knowledge with fundamental principles of economics and business. It is designed specifically for students interested in pursuing careers in biomedical, agricultural, biotechnical, environmental, and other applied fields where sales, marketing, management, and accounting skills are required.
Biology-Business Concentration Requirements

Pedro R. Garcia Rodriguez

"I have no choice but to credit the University’s incredible faculty for my growth, as they fostered my love, not only in science, but in the wonders of life.”

— Pedro R. Garcia Rodriguez ’17, B.S. in Biology - Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2022