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Students brainstorming in front of a white board

The BFA in Graphic Design is a major that will prepare students to become “lifestyle designers”—the practice of designing innovative visual communication, experiences and socially responsible solutions. It is a contemporary degree program that integrates design thinking, making, processes and methodologies with technology, entrepreneurship and business management. With an emphasis on real-world problem solving throughout the curriculum, students build a portfolio that addresses how we communicate, the spaces in which we live, the objects that we use and the strategies that support them. The BFA in Graphic Design establishes a foundation for the student to transform into a unique, creatively charged, practice-ready design professional.


National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

Topics of Study

  • Foundations in art and contemporary visual communication
  • Foundational and advanced study in typography
  • History and theories in visual communication
  • Exploration and execution in traditional and digital design
  • Theory and practice in socially responsible design
  • Collaboration and entrepreneurship

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Design
  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Publication Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Type/Font Design
  • Website/Mobile Design
  • Experience Design
  • Information Design
  • Art Direction

Featured Alumni