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Our Mission

Educate, inspire, and empower artists and designers to make meaningful and impactful creative contributions where success is not measured by their studies, but by their life’s work.

Our Vision

A collaborative world of artists and designers as compassionate, global citizens whose imagination and creativity lead the way to an environmentally and socially responsible future.

Who We Are, What We Value

  1. We believe in research and practice-ready application, rooted in the process of inquiry and creative expression. 
  2. We offer an environment and tools necessary to think critically, work creatively, and to take risks.
  3. We embrace intellectual inquiry and the drive to passionately pursue a question, thought or idea.
  4. We engage students in the process of becoming inventive, self-disciplined, contributing citizens that are environmental and socially responsible. 
  5. We cultivate creative expression and intellectual curiosity, and challenge the notion that any field is never beyond rediscovery. 
  6. We value critique, as the central component of the creative process to provide feedback, assessment, generate ideation and multiple possibilities that encourage rigor, playfulness, invention and mutual respect of the creative thought and expression of all people. 
  7. We promote collaboration, critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills and the creative practice to meet the demands of the future. 
  8. We understand that the artist, designer, scholar and writer have the essential hands-on skills to shape today’s world by providing creative perspectives, collaborative contributions and leadership. 
  9. We support life-long learning and are committed to the continued success of all students. 
  10. We prepare, inspire and educate the next generation of innovative artists and creative leaders of the 21st century.