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The Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies is a versatile blend of theory and practice, made up of core courses in two categories, Culture and Society and Visual Aesthetics, as well as a diverse selection of applied electives in writing, design and electronic media production. Whether a student feels most at home with a camera or a pen, on a computer editing, or with a team creating marketing strategies, the communication department features the flexibility, guidance and experiences for successful career development. Research and critical studies provide contexts for practicum work and foundations for graduate school.

Communication majors work closely with advisors to determine the best courses of study and develop practical skills in on-campus industry-standard facilities and internships at more than 90 job sites. The multidisciplinary curriculum emphasizes historical perspectives, societal values and ethics to encourage graduates to use media responsibly. Majors in this area have entered careers in writing for new and legacy media, nonprofit organizations, television and video production, sales and marketing, advertising, public relations and broadcast journalism, or pursued graduate programs in law, business, media arts or other fields.

Topics of Study


  • advertising
  • public relations
  • broadcast news
  • journalism
  • video production
  • mobile application development
  • web development
  • media writing
  • studio television and radio


  • cinema studies
  • critical studies in public communication
  • visual culture and aesthetics
  • cultural studies
  • new media theory
  • public opinion, media, and power
  • mass communications
  • intercultural communication
  • political communication

A minor in communication is also offered.