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Please be advised that the testing center will not be accepting any CLEP, MAKE-UP, Graduate Waivers or ETS Exam requests between Nov. 27 to Dec. 15. The testing center will only be proctoring exams for students with accommodations. Due to the volume of SAS exam requests, we are unable to schedule any other exams. Please contact your instructor to make other arrangements. We appreciate your understanding.

If you would like to schedule an exam in the testing center, please fill out the form below. The testing center is located on the second floor of the Technology Building. Test takers can report to the testing center directly at the time of their scheduled exam. All exam requests that are not during the time of the original exam require instructor approval. The testing center is not authorized to change exam times or dates without instructor approval. It is the test taker's responsibility to receive permission from their instructor to take an exam at an alternate day and time. Please submit the instructor's approval, along with the request to schedule an exam during a different day and time from the original exam, via email to

The testing center does not proctor CLEP, Graduate Waiver exams or make-up exams during the week of finals.