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The Major Exploration program at The University of Tampa is an integrated program that assists students in exploring their own skills and major options through various ways. Major exploration assistance is available to all UT undergraduate students at any stage in the decision-making process. Ensuring students explore and declare a major that will lead to academic success is a top priority of UT. If you’re unsure of your major or career choice, consider using resources within the Major Exploration Program.

What are the goals of the Major Exploration program?

  • Encourage students to identify their academic interests and strengths to develop an understanding of the role these play in a student’s academic success.
  • Provide clear information related to how skills, values and interests combine to assist students in exploring potential majors.
  • Identify resources for students to gather knowledge and information about academic options that relate to major and career goals.
  • Support students in formulating an action plan to achieve exploration goals and declare a “best fit” major.

Who can benefit from participating in the Major Exploration program?

  • Students who are truly undecided and unsure of how to start the process of choosing a major.
  • Students who have an interest in multiple majors and are having difficulty making a decision.
  • Students who have an idea of what they want to study but genuinely want to explore their options before making a decision.
  • Students who are considering changing their major and need assistance in making a decision.

What should all students know about the importance of major exploration?

  • A majority of college students question and often change their major, so if you’re unsure, please seek assistance.
  • Most of the myths about majors are untrue. All majors can lead to a variety of careers; being undecided during your first year of college is normal.
  • Declaring a major is the first step in the process. To make the most of your major, considering your overall major and career development at all stages throughout your college experience will set you up for success after graduation.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.