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Another Successful International Visit for Sykes

Posted April 3, 2013
In March 2013, the Sykes College of Business took a group of 28 individuals to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Through the Global Access Partnership Program (GAP), the college has become the connector of businesses overseas with the Tampa Bay region.

President Ronald Vaughn along with four University of Tampa trustees, a number of the college’s advisory council members and several alumni and friends of the University participated in the trip. Among visits to businesses and other organizations, the group stopped at Dubai’s International Financial Centre, the Dubai Small and Medium Enterprises, Dubai Silicon Oasis Incubator and the Khalifa Fund.

In addition, The University of Tampa signed a memorandum of friendship with Abu Dhabi University and visited Zeyed University in Dubai. At the present time Frank Ghannadian, dean of the Sykes College of Business, and several of his colleagues are discussing possible joint master’s degree programs with Jacob Chacko, dean of the College of Business at Abu Dhabi University. There is a lot of potential on both sides to cooperate on efforts such as these, which will benefit both students in Tampa and the UAE.

One of the present trustees of the University, John West said, “It takes a lot of planning and execution to put together something of this magnitude.”

We are truly proud of all our international activities at the college and know we will advance in our reputations in status in the years to come.

New International Initiative

Posted Jan. 22, 2013
Last March the Sykes College of Business embarked on a new initiative to connect the business sectors of the Tampa Bay region with our network around the world. We call this new initiative the Global Access Partnership (GAP), which provides business executives access to contacts, culture and education abroad.

With our global network, it would be a missed opportunity to allow only our students to experience a trip abroad. Our aim is to include our University friends and businesses in the region in these experiences, rather than just cheering us on from the sidelines. With UT’s college and faculty connections to businesses in China, India, Europe, South America and the Caribbean, we can bring more of our friends and supporters into the picture as a way of giving back to the community for all their support.

Our inaugural trip to Beijing and Hong Kong in March 2012 included businesses, high-tech industrial firms, and the Hong Kong port and terminals. On this trip we took several members of the College of Business Advisory Council and other supporters of the College of Business. These individuals, who were executives and business specialists, got to experience the nuances of global markets and cultures firsthand and interact with our top faculty. The trip also included sightseeing activities, such as visits to the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

Our March 2013 trip will open the doors to the Middle East, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. These two cities have become the hub of trade and commerce in that region of the world. Participants will visit businesses that regularly work with companies in the Tampa Bay area.

Through this effort to educate and assist local businesses to move into the international arena, we are making the U.S. more competitive globally and making our college brand more recognizable than ever. In addition, this initiative supports our strategic mission of placing more of our students in the global arena and in leadership positions outside the U.S.

For more information about the GAP, please call (813) 258-7230.