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The Tampa Bay Economy

The Tampa Bay Economy is a newsletter produced at the Sykes College of Business. This biannual newsletter keeps our readers apprised of economic information pertaining to the Tampa Bay area. A near-term forecast of the local economy is provided along with special topic articles on U.S. and international macroeconomics.

Current Edition
  • Fall 2018 (PDF)

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    “Will continuing to run large government budget deficits lead to higher real interest rates and crowding out of private sector in-vestment? How will the unprecedented aging of the population and declining fertility rates affect fiscal sustainability? These are some of the critical questions that need to be explored as the U.S. exhibits signs of fiscal profligacy.” – Does the US Face a Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability Problem? by V. Jayakumar

    “While the national economy is experiencing a slowing housing market, moderate wage growth, and increasing economic uncertainty, Tampa Bay remains on an upward economic trajectory.” - Tampa Bay Forecast: Local Economy Outpaces National by J. Stinespring


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