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Welcome to the UTampa Votes website. This website is intended to serve a resource for the UT community and is sponsored by the UTampa Democracy Coalition. Our mission is to empower the University of Tampa community to achieve excellence in non-partisan democratic engagement.  


UTampavotes! is a non-partisan initiative that was created to equip students with voter education resources, aiding them in the voter registration process and guiding them on how to cast their ballot.

The UTampa Democracy Coalition stands as our non-partisan collaborative team, entrusted with leading endeavors and fostering awareness of responsible citizenship activities throughout the UT community. Our Action Plan for the ALL-IN Democracy Campus Challenge is informed by our participation in the National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE) campus report and by our own goals for the UT community.

Presidential Our UT partners come from across the university representing faculty from all four colleges, staff from OSLE, First-Year Studies, ResLife, Public Affairs, Career Services and students from SG. We also have wonderful UT alums and amazing community partners from the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections office.

UTampaVotes! E-board coming soon.

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Voter Registration Status

Check voter registration status at TurboVote.

UTampaVotes! New Student Resources

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections

Student Voter Registration

Students who live on campus and would like to register to vote in Hillsborough County, Florida, will need to know their UT residential address with dorm number and their PO Box where mail is received. You can find a list of UT building residential address here on SpartanNet.

Mailbox Information: All residential students are assigned a campus mailbox number. Your mailbox is confirmed, activated and ready to accept mail once you have completed the check-in process with Residence Life upon your arrival. Once assigned, mailbox information and address format can be located in Workday.

Register to Vote

Should I register to vote in Florida or in my home state?    

That depends on you. The choice is yours but you can only be registered in one state. As a college student attending The University of Tampa, you can choose to be registered to vote in Florida or in your home state. Each student has a different situation. If you are from out-of-state, take a moment to talk with other students and learn about any limitations or requirements in Florida and your home states. Campus Vote Project has a handy state guide you can consult for many of your questions.   

  1. What if I am registered in Florida but in another town/county, and I want to register here in Tampa/Hillsborough? That’s easy. You just need to update your voter information.  
  2. How do I register to vote? You can visit TurboVote for all the information you need on registering to vote.  
  3. If I register in Florida, what type of Florida voter ID requirements do I need? You can choose to vote in person on Election Day or you may choose to vote early at one of the early voting sites. There is always one close to campus. You will need acceptable photo identification for voting in Florida 

Absentee Ballot

If you are registered in your home state or outside of Hillsborough County (eg. Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, etc.) you will want to request an absentee ballot so that you can voteRemember to request it early and don’t forget to send it back at least a week before election day.

Candidate/Election Resources

Candidates on your ballot Vote 411 Voter Guide: 

Know your voter rights and responsibilities (Florida): 

Election Resources: 

Campus Vote Project State Student Guides: 

Vote Smart: 

Vote Early: 

Other resources 

ALL IN for Democracy:

Campus Vote Project: