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What is the Certificate of International Studies?

Students within all majors at UT have the opportunity to enhance their degree with a Certificate of International Studies (CIS). Today’s employers seek graduates who are able to communicate in at least one foreign language, have multicultural knowledge, possess skills and training in negotiating with employees of different cultures and have the basic skills to travel, live and work outside of the United States. The CIS program aims to develop these skills within program participants.

Program Benefits

Upon completion of the program requirements, undergraduate students will earn the "Certificate of International Studies" notation on their official UT transcript and will receive an official certificate to complement the UT diploma. Students also receive a sash and cords of distinction to wear at graduation. Participation in this program indicates a student’s commitment to academics and internationalization.

Where to begin

Visit the Office of International Programs to discuss this program opportunity in Plant Hall room 300 or (813) 258-7433. Certificate of International Studies Application.


The majority of program requirements are completed independently. A minimum of two semesters of program participation is required, but more are recommended to experience the most benefit from the program.  Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible in their collegiate career. One academic credit hour is associated with this program via the Global Senior Capstone. The remainder of the requirements are dependent on a student's particular interests. It is recommended that students visit the Office of International Programs prior to submitting the program application to assess program qualifications. Complete program information can be found in the CIS Manual.

Foreign Language Requirement

  1. Native English Speakers: Students must complete at least two semesters of non-native language coursework (six to eight credit hours) with a minimum 2.75 GPA. They must also demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by taking the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview.
  2. Non-Native English Speakers: International students proficient in a native language are not required to take the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview, however they are still required to complete two semesters of non-native language coursework.

Education Abroad Experience

At least one education abroad experience is required and must be approved by the Office of International Programs.

Students may choose from the following options:

  1. UT Travel Course
  2. International Internship
  3. Summer/Semester/Year Abroad Program
  4. Community-Based Service Learning Abroad

Global Engagement Inventory (Clubs, Activities and Events)

While at UT, students must demonstrate international leadership and engagement. In order to receive credit for this requirement, students complete a Global Engagement Inventory Project each semester while enrolled in the program (five projects total). Students with less than five semesters in the program should consult with the Office of International Programs for guidance. Students should also document their campus participation through the co-curricular transcript, which is a self-reported document that lists activities participated in while enrolled at The University of Tampa.

Global Knowledge Courses

To better understand the world, students participate in a wide array of global knowledge courses as a part of their normal degree requirements. Twelve to 16 credit hours (four courses) are required for CIS program completion.

Global Senior Capstone (GIS 499)

A one-credit graded senior capstone course, GIS 499, serves to integrate the student’s international experiences at UT.

Since GIS 499 is a one credit hour course, a student must meet with this class at least one hour per week so as to adhere to UT’s policy on contact hours for credit bearing courses. Grades (A, AB, B, BC, C, CD, D, and F) will be assigned based on the completed tasks.