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Advance your skills and career in a dynamic digital market

The University of Tampa’s new M.A. in Social and Emerging Media blends technology and creativity as it prepares students to develop compelling media projects, build sophisticated social media strategies and engage effectively with audiences.

Gain hands-on experience and increase your technical expertise as you learn to plan, produce and distribute professional media for multiple platforms, from websites, to social media, to the latest interactive technologies.

Areas of study include digital storytelling, visual design, audio-video production, emerging media technologies, user experience production, audience and user experience research, media strategy and analytics, project management and emerging media policy and law.

Take your career in a new direction

Virtually every industry, including health care, government, finance, academia, real estate and the nonprofit sector, has a growing need for communication professionals skilled in social and emerging media.

UT’s program is designed for a broad range of students, including:

  • Corporate or nonprofit employees positioning themselves for advanced roles in social media management, content production or digital marketing.
  • Recent college graduates who want to take their degree in communication, journalism, writing, marketing or film to the next level.
  • Designers, photographers, writers and filmmakers who want to translate their work onto new platforms and reach a wider audience.
  • Anyone seeking a new skill set and a competitive edge for a promotion or new job.

Prepare for an online future — with a personal touch

UT’s unique in-person program provides a superior level of learning and support. Get hands-on media training and experience using industry-standard equipment and tools. Through real-world team projects, including the chance to work with local companies, students develop valuable career connections in Tampa’s vibrant downtown — an emerging tech center and the heart of the nation’s 12th-largest media market.


We offer state-of-the-art computer labs with industry-standard video and graphics software, portable video production kits, mobile photoshoot stands, VR headsets, Pivo Pods, 360 cameras, smartphone gimbals and wireless mics, an A/B testing lab with biometric eye-tracking software and gaming consoles, and a Blackmagic 4K TV studio for multi-cam productions in front of a cutting-edge 30x14 foot Vū LED volume, the same technology used to create Disney’s The Mandalorian.


  • Learn in a team environment on UT’s convenient downtown campus.
  • Take classes in the evening and earn your degree in as little as one year.
  • Gain marketable skills that are immediately applicable in a variety of fields.
  • Receive professional hands-on training in UT’s state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Learn from expert faculty with diverse specializations and professional experience.
  • No GRE or portfolio required.


  • Emerging Technologies and Applications
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Visual Design for Emerging Media
  • Audio and Video Production for Emerging Media
  • Social and Emerging Media Strategy and Analytics
  • User Experience and Audience Research
  • Media Creation and Project Management
  • Emerging Media: Industry, Policy and Law
  • Advanced Production in Emerging Media
  • Ethics and Communication Law
  • Motion Graphics and Visual Effects for Social and Emerging Media 

Sydney Rhodes

Students should be prepared to get fully immersed into this program. Just get fully involved with it. Get to know your classmates. The small class sizes and structure allow us to go through the entire program together, [which is] very helpful for networking.

— Sydney Rhodes, M.A. in Social and Emerging Media, ’21 B.A. in Journalism, Minor in Sports Management