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The UT Leadership Coaching Program offers an excellent training program for each of the business and professional leaders who volunteer to coach.

The program offers three types of training:

Introduction to Coaching and the UT Program

Whether participants are new to the skills of coaching or coach others for a living, they will find our one-day training an enjoyable and helpful event. Included in the training:

  1. Introduction to coaching and the UT program (required). One day.
  2. Coaching and leadership-related seminars and events (optional). Offered periodically throughout the year.
  3. Coach-to-coach dialogue sessions (optional). Offered per request.

Coaching and Leadership Related Seminars and Events

Throughout the year, leadership coaches are invited to a variety of events related to leadership and coaching. These voluntary events offer opportunities for developing skills and for networking with other leaders in the Tampa Bay community.

Coach-to-Coach Dialogue Sessions

With more than 100 volunteer coaches working with the program, participants have varying levels of coaching experience. An excellent way to develop coaching skills is to consult one-on-one with fellow coaches. Program organizers can help coaches arrange these optional meetings during convenient times.

  • Overview of the leadership curriculum in the MBA program
  • Leadership Coaching Program guidelines
  • Introduction to coaching principles
  • Introduction to basic coaching skills
  • One-to-one practice of skills