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Managing Across Cultures.

Well-trained, experienced professionals are needed to make businesses work across different cultures, political systems and economies. The international business concentration provides MBA students with a broad-based business background and develops an understanding and appreciation for the strategic, operational and behavioral aspects of managing in different countries.

Students investigate the development and implementation of marketing techniques and programs on an international scale, and learn the special risks and problems encountered by multinational managers. International travel courses offer students a chance to encounter such challenges first-hand and learn the differences in how businesses operate in other countries.

While some MBA graduates with an international concentration go on to manage businesses overseas, others work for global companies based in the U.S.

Rob Beekman

"The international business concentration gives MBA students additional perspective on the cultural, political and legal barriers to overseas business operations. They develop skill sets enabling them to effectively make decisions in cross-border situations — and recognize opportunities to enhance a company’s strategic influence in conducting business overseas.”

— Rob Beekman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics